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Farol de Santa Marta (Cascais)

Over the last decade, Lisbon tourism has grown exponentially. Between 2009 and 2017 the tourism in Lisboa increased 10% having received close to 5 million tourists in 2017. We felt that was time to write about the closest beaches you can visit in a trip to Lisbon.

From Peniche to Setúbal, passing through Sintra and Arrábida, you will find much more than a simple city break in a visit to the portuguese capital, and we explain how to get there via public transport.

Praia do Guincho (Cascais)

Estoril & Cascais

Probably the easiest beaches to reach from Lisbon, 30 minutes by train from Cais do Sodré train station and with a very pleasant trip passing alongside with Tejo river and the ocean.

We suggest a stop at Estoril to visit the iconic Tamariz beach right next to the train station. With its fortress (Forte da Cruz) built in the XVII century to protect the coast line, in use for special events nowadays, Tamariz beach was frequented by the european royal families during the second world war - some say that the former spanish king Juan Carlos learned how to swim at this beach.

You can leave Tamariz beach towards Cascais walking, through the sidewalk or "paredão" as we call it, which connects Praia da Azarujinha to Cascais through 6kms and 20 minutes walk, alongside the ocean.

Once in the classy fishermen town of Cascais, don´t miss Farol de Santa Marta on the way to Boca do Inferno.

Our favourite spot in Cascais is Guincho beach, a must-see for nature and beach lovers, and perfect for watching a magic sunset.

You can reach this beautifull natural scenario getting the bus 415 or 405 at Cascais bus terminal.

Praia da Ursa (Cabo da Roca)

Cabo da Roca and Sintra (Praia da Ursa, Praia das Maçãs e Azenhas do Mar)

Next to Cabo da Roca, one of the most visited spots by tourists, is Praia da Ursa, reachable only by foot or a high car due to the winding path. To get to Cabo da Roca, first you need to arrive to Cascais by train from Cais do Sodré (Lisboa) and then get the bus 403 from Scotturb, journey that will take around 1h total time. After enjoying the most ocidental european soil at Cabo da Roca lighthouse, walk back until you find the Praia da Ursa sign.

Enjoy the fantastic view from the top and, if you feel brave enough to walk down the hill, prepare yourself for a 20 minutes hike each way.

Close to the magic town of Sintra you can find the picturesque Azenhas do Mar, a small town built over the cliffs and, Praia das Maças, which name was given after a quite frequent event where all the apples from the nearby plantations would roll down the river and then finally reach the beach shore.

To arrive to Sintra, you will need to get the 40 minutes train ride, from Lisboa (Rossio) and get off at Portela de Sintra.

After visiting the enchanted town, you can get the bus 441 from Scotturb, which will take you within 20 minutes to Praia das Maçãs first, and then Azenhas do Mar, one stop after the other.

Other tour we suggest you, is to get the tram to Praia das Maças in Sintra, next to the Sintra Art Museum. The trip will last about 45 minutes through a typical green Sintra path with lovely views and, once finished the visit to Praia das Maçãs, get the bus 441 to Azenhas do Mar.

Praia Ribeira d'Ilhas (Ericeira)


The tourism in Ericeira grew over the last years among the surf community who have turned this fishermens town into a surf capital. Known by its seafood dishes since forever, we recommend you to spend a full day walking through the streets, passing by Praia dos Pescadores and watch the sunset at Ribeira d´Ilhas beach.

For a budget meal stop at the pizzas truck on the way between Ericeira and Ribeira d´Ilhas.

To get to Ericeira you need to get the bus at Campo Grande Station (Lisboa) operated by the company Mafrense which will take about an hour.

Baleal (Peniche)

Peniche (Praia da Areia Branca e Almagreira)

In Peniche you will notice, once again, the importance of surf in Portugal. At this location, happening every year, is taking place the Supertubos International Surf Championship. After a walk around the town center and visiting Cabo Carvoeiro, think about a visit and a scuba dive at Berlengas Natural Reserve.

You also could be interested to see Baleal, a small island on the way to Ferrel, connected to the continent by sand with two beaches . You can reach it getting the bus 748 at Peniche. And by the way, if you have time, next to Ferrel, check Praia da Almagreira, known for having nudists and naturists and by its reddish rock formation, singular in Portugal.

To get to Peniche you need to take the bus 786 from Rodoviária do Oeste in Campo Grande (Lisboa) and the trip will take about two and a half hours.

Close to Peniche and less visited by tourists is Lourinhã and Praia da Areia Branca, this town is known for its dinassours historical marks.

Crossing the bridge (Fonte da Telha, Setúbal e Sesimbra)

You will never imagine the Natural beauty that is hidden in the south region of Lisboa and crossing the bridge 25 de Abril. Between Setúbal and Sesimbra, you will find beautifull beaches surrounded by wildnature and quite different from the ones mencioned before at this article.

Serra da Arrábida

Fonte da Telha

Fonte da Telha

This is the perfect beach to watch the sunset and therefore we reccomend to leave the visit after a drive through Arrábida road. To drink a Sangria or some cocktails and taste some traditional food while watching the sun setting the horizon. To get to Fonte da Telha, first you need to get the boat at Cais do Sodré and cross the Tejo river to Cacilhas, the trip will take around 10 minutes and is operated by the company Transtejo Soflusa. At Cacilhas you need to get the bus 145 from the company Transportes Sul do Tejo to Fonte da Telha, the trip can take up to one hour.

Praia de Galapinhos

Setúbal - Portinho da Arrábida & Galapinhos

Spend a morning at Setúbal, visit the city and taste the local gastronomy. Surrounded by nature and cristal clear waters, Setúbal beaches are unique in the country, they make part of the protected area of Serra da Arrábida and are reachable only by public transportation during the summer. At Portinho da Arrábida you can rent a paddle board and enjoy the landscape from the calm ocean perspective. Galapinhos was considered the best european beach in 2017 by European Best Destinations website. At this beach you can adventure yourself to access the neighbour beach Praia dos Coelhos through a path among the bushes.

To arrive to Setúbal and its beaches, you need to get the bus 561 or 563 from the company Transportes Sul do Tejo at Praça de Espanha (Lisboa), is a 50 minutes ride. And to visit the beaches you will need to get the bus 723 in Setúbal bus terminal towards Praia da Figueirinha where you will find constant transportation and shuttles to the following beaches.

Recently, the road was closed to private cars during the summer as a natural preventive measure.

Praia Ribeiro do Cavalo

Sesimbra - Praia Ribeiro do Cavalo & Lagoa de Albufeira

In Sesimbra you can taste delicious grilled fish and visit amazing spots. The first to highlight is Praia Ribeiro do Cavalo, you will need to hike through a specific path, for about 20 minutes down the hill, to arrive to the beach. The view from the top is amazing and we recommend to take some food and water with you cause there is no restaurants in this area. There is no public transportation to this beach therefore we recommend to get a taxi or talk with some tour operator.

Another place we suggest you to visit is Lagoa de Albufeira, among the woods and perfect for wind-surf and kitesurf, this place is unique due to the junction of the sweet water lagoon with the ocean during the high tide.

To arrive to Sesimbra get the bus 207 or 260 from Transportes Sul do Tejo at Praça de Espanha (Lisboa) for 50 minutes. And to get to Lagoa de Albufeira from Sesimbra you need to get the bus 240 from Transportes Sul do Tejo which will take about 30 minutes.

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